Wednesday, September 20, 2017

7 Things You Never Knew About The Last of the Mohicans

7 Things You Never Knew About The Last of the Mohicans

These items are specifically about the Daniel Day-Lewis movie, which now celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Some others about the book and other versions:

1. Either Chingachgook or Uncas could be considered the last Mohican (well, sort of). Uncas, the son, was called "last of the Mohicans" at birth. (Was that on the assumption he would never have children of his own?? I can't recall.) Of course Chingachgook, his father, outlived him, anyway, so ... take your pick on which was the last.

2. Bela "Dracula" Lugosi played Chingachgook in two movies, and Lon "The Wolfman" Chaney Jr played him in another. What is the relationship between horror movie icons and Fenimore Cooper's character? I dunno. It probably speaks some silent volumes about our lack of respect for the original Americans, but I usually can't hear silent volumes. Possibly because I am nearly tone-deaf, but probably because they are silent.

3. The 1920 American version is the only one I can recall that portrayed Chingachgook's hair style correctly. Per Cooper, Chingachgook had a shaved head with a tuft.

4. For a race that no longer exists, the Mohicans sure have a lively casino just a few miles from my home. So a tip o' the hat to those Zombie Mohicans for their ability to promote gambling and top-notch entertainment even after death.

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