Friday, September 15, 2017

"Everything You Need To Know About DACA"

"Everything You Need To Know About DACA"

Eh ... maybe not.

The guy who put this together is the head editor of Cracked, which means he is supposed to know a lot about humor. I hope so, because he doesn't know enough about DACA. This is a case where the press got the whole story completely wrong, and this Cracked dude foolishly trusted them.

First of all, Trump did not end DACA to expel the dreamers. He actually gave them a chance. Mr. Cracked failed to mention the single most important point: the attorneys general of several states had decided to file suits against DACA, alleging that it was an improper use of executive authority. They were right. President Obama was being compassionate, and rightly so, but he was usurping the legislative authority. He had no authority to do what he did, but he did it because it was the right thing to do, and because Congress refused to act. I would have done the same in his shoes, even knowing it was unconstitutional, because Presidents have to try to make sure that people are treated fairly. Franklin Roosevelt did this constantly.

Most Americans support the results of DACA, including me, but if the legal challenge had been filed by those states, the Feds had no possible legal defense. In fact, based on what I've read, I don't think they would even have presented a defense. So the program would have ended, and all of its achievements could have been negated. The deadline for the suit approached and Trump acted. In essence, Trump said, "OK, Congress, you have six months to fix this through some constitutional means that will establish the dreamers' status legally." He then went to cut a deal with the Dems which, we hope, will certify the dreamers' status forever.

(The Cracked dude does finally acknowledge that Trump ended up doing the right thing, but thinks he backed into it. Without knowing that Trump had to act in order to prevent DACA from being struck down in the federal courts, Mr. Cracked is not capable of knowing why that desirable result happened in the first place.)

Now, am I a Trump apologist? Obviously not. Long before he ever ran for President, I was chastising the voters in our "douchebag of the millennium" voting for choosing anyone else except Trump or bin Laden. Trump is truly the douchebag's douchebag. He's the guy other douchebags hope to be when they reach maximum douche. Even the other top douchebags can't hope to compete with him. Compared to Trump, Dick Cheney seems as humble as Shoeshine Boy before he turns into Underdog, and as wise as Yoda. I can't believe that our country could hand the reins of power to this arrogant yet ignorant man (arrogance and ignorance are the ultimate bad combination of human characteristics, albeit the perfect combination to achieve full douchebaggery). But in this case The Donald (1) had no other choice and (2) made a move toward giving the dreamers, and even future dreamers, a foothold on solid legal ground rather than the quicksand they had been mired in.

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