Monday, September 11, 2017

Hillary Clinton Blames Everyone

Hillary Clinton Blames Everyone


  1. I think there is no question sexism played an enormous role.

  2. There is a vast difference between "I wouldn't vote for a woman" and "I wouldn't vote for THAT woman." It's the latter problem that sank Hillary.

    1. That is the reaction that many used to justify their implicit sexism.

      Hillary Clinton was such a superior candidate to Donald Trump that anybody could have had a problem with her as a person or candidate saying that is lying.

      All of the called scandals that Hillary Clinton was gone after during the campaign Donald Trump has already done much worse on exact similar things and hardly anybody mentions them. Sure his approval ratings have fallen from the election, but not really due to his genuine scandals, I don't think.

      1.Benghazi - Trump ordered the bungled mission in Yemen that resulted in one commando getting killed and several others getting injured. I don't think most people even remember it.

      2.Trump is using unsecure servers as were the accusations against Hillary Clinton but this is hardly ever mentioned.

      3.Trump has at least twice released classified information. The argument is as President this isn't illegal, however this defense makes no sense as the issue isn't whether it's illegal or not, the issue is that his release may put Americans in harm's way.

      4.The biggest of them all: Hillary Clinton and her supposed conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation. Most of this 'scandal' was spread by liars who deliberately misinterpreted the accounting and financial information (I used to be an accountant) and mindlessly regurgitated by dim witted reporters.

      Yet, we have Trump repeatedly violating the Emoluments Clause and his brain dead supporters get away with referring to all that as 'fake news.'

      In addition to this, there are behavioral studies that show that many people, as I mentioned previously, have implicit sexist views, and this isn't just confined to men. Repeated studies have shown that a large number of people are much more comfortable with ambitious men than they are with ambitious women. When it comes right down to it, that's why Hillary Clinton lost.

    2. I acknowledge there are a couple other things that benefited Trump (aside from Russia.)

      1.There were many Americans who seemed to genuinely believe that Trump slogan of MAGA was actual policy that would somehow result in millions of jobs coming back to America.

      My guess is that Trump probably won about 2/3 of the vote of those with I.Qs under 85. (One standard deviation below an I.Q of 100.)

      2.I don't think there is any dispute that Hillary Clinton's long public resume worked against her. I don't think it's a coincidence that since George H W Bush in 1988 that ever President has had a short national track record since then.

      Bill Clinton had been in electoral politics for 18 years before becoming President (ran for the heavily Republican Arkansas Third Congressional district in 1974) but, no insult to the fine people of Arkansas, it is a largely ignored backwater state by people throughout the rest of the country.

      George W Bush had been in elected politics for 6 years when elected President since 2000.

      Barack Obama had been a State Senator for, I believe, 8 years, but had been in national politics as a U.S Senator for only 4 years prior to being elected President.

      The last time the much more known national politician won was in 1988, but I think that was clearly an anomaly, as the Governor of Dukakis' neighboring state of New Hampshire, was a close Bush advisor named John Sununu who had been keeping a negative opposition file on Michael Dukakis for years, and Bush, thanks to Dukakis being a hapless candidate was somehow able to turn the election that year for swing voters into a referendum on Dukakis' tenure as Governor of Massachusetts while running a completely vapid campaign himself.