Tuesday, September 05, 2017

J.D. Martinez hits four homers in a game

J.D. Martinez hits four homers in a game

That's only the 18th time it has happened in MLB history (but the second this year). Martinez was acquired mid-season from the Tigers. He seems to be adjusting to the NL effortlessly - 18 homers in only 144 at bats! He was doing well in Detroit as well - .305 with 31 extra base hits in only 200 at bats - for an OPS over 1.000. Despite that performance, the Tigers let him go for three minor leaguers. (He becomes a free agent after this season. The Tigers have no shot at the post-season this year, so they look at the result as a three-player profit, since their decision not to keep him had no impact on where he will play next year.)

His teammate, Robbie Ray, became the first visiting pitcher to strike out 14 or more with no walks in Dodger Stadium.

I remember back about 30 years ago Bob Horner hit four homers in a game that his team lost! I wonder ... was he supposed to be happy in the clubhouse or not?

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