Sunday, September 03, 2017

NCAAF College Football Scores

NCAAF College Football Scores

It was smooth sailing for most of the ranked teams, with some exceptions:

I did my grad work at UT, but I still wonder why the hell the Longhorns were rated 23rd? They were 5-7 last year and it usually takes time for a new coach to develop his own people, install his system and rebuild. Anyway, they demonstrated why that ranking was absurd when they gave up 51 points to Maryland. Back to the drawing board.

South Florida does not seem to deserve that #19. They barely beat Stony Brook, and were losing at halftime. I didn't even know Stony Brook was in D1.

USC needed a big fourth quarter to defeat Western Michigan, but that's no embarrassment. If you will remember, Western Michigan was the surprise of last year with an undefeated season, a #15 ranking, and a trip to the Cotton Bowl. They obviously have a good program.

There were two games in which ranked teams clashed, and they did not turn out well for the state of Florida: Alabama defeated Florida State and Michigan defeated Florida in Gainesville. You have to give Florida State credit for some big stones in going on the road to play Alabama in week one.

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