Thursday, October 05, 2017

Altuve was awesome in the Astros victory

Altuve was awesome in the Astros victory

Three homers.

The l'il pipsqueak is probably the second-best player in the majors these days, and on his best days he even gives Mike Trout a run for the money. He was already won three batting titles, has led the league in hits the last four years in a row, and has led in stolen bases twice. Moreover, he seems to keep getting better each year.

Chris Sale is arguably the second-best pitcher in the AL, but Altuve and the 'Stros ground him up like hamburger meat. The Astros have the best offense in the majors, and they are even better than you think, because they scored 501 runs on the road, far ahead of the next best team, and among the ten best totals in baseball history (tied for tenth, to be precise). Their slugging average of .483 on the road is the fourth-best in baseball history.

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