Friday, October 06, 2017

'Blade Runner 2049' nudity

'Blade Runner 2049' nudity

I watched it last night

Mackenzie Davis does some shadowy nudity in profile as she gets dressed.

Sallie Harmsen is completely naked as a replicant getting "birthed"

Ana de Armas puts on a T&A show as a monstrous hologram.

There is no nudity from Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright or Carla Juri


  1. Good to know.

    Is it worth a $12 ticket? Is it worthy of the first Bladerunner?

  2. Depends on what you are looking for. It is short on plot and action and most of the dialogue is trite. It moves so slowly that it seems like a Tarkovsky movie. On the other hand, it is very strong on character development and absolutely tremendous at "atmosphere" - it is an amazing visual spectacle. It's like watching an "art" movie with an unlimited budget. If only the dialogue were inspired with the same poetry that suffused the visuals, and which occasionally lifted the original to its best moments - "tears in the rain."

    What I really miss, however, are the nuanced characters like Terrell, Roy Batty and Sebastian. Jered Leto is a comic book villain, as is his henchwoman Sylvia Hoeks.

    The fact that Leto's character has created perfectly obedient replicants takes away a lot of what made the first one so compelling - the very thin line between humans and replicants, a line which was gradually disintegrating as replicants came to deal with ever more human fears and other anthropomorphic behaviors.

    The problems created by the earlier generation of replicants is putatively the raison d'etre for the entire movie, yet those issues remain annoyingly in the background, as if to set the stage for the next sequel.

    I'm glad I watched it, but I won't re-watch it again and again, as I did with the first one.

  3. Thanks, that's about what I was expecting. The usual thing - infinite special effects budget, a buck seventy-five for actors, a nickel for the script.
    I'd heard it was long, but if you're whipping out the T-word I'll probably...still go, but be braced for it.
    Hearing good things about this new Electric Dreams series, though.

    1. Haven't watched PKD's ED yet. Need to catch up.

  4. So the film is exactly what the trailers promised?

    Scoop, you should post reviews again.