Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cubs win.

Cubs win.

They won on a weak bloop that dropped between three guys, any of whom might have made the play!

Setting that aside, it was a good pitching duel between Quintana and Scherzer.

Today's controversy: should the Nats have yanked the best pitcher in the league not named Kershaw?

Bottom line so far: The Nationals have the best trio of pitchers in the majors. Gonzalez, Scherzer and Strasburg were 46-19 this year, and all three of them had ERA's under 3. They finished 1-5-6 in the league in pitching WAR and 2-3-5 in ERA. That could easily translate to post-season dominance. But even those guys need some runs to win. (And maybe for somebody to step up and catch those bloopers.) The Nats scored one run for Scherzer, none for Strasburg.

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