Monday, October 09, 2017

Matt Damon & Russell Crowe 'helped spike Weinstein exposé' |

Matt Damon & Russell Crowe 'helped spike Weinstein exposé'

"Sharon Waxman revealed in a post on The Wrap that she had been working on an expose about Weinstein (13 years ago) until Damon and actor Russell Crowe called her directly to try and bury the piece."

Who knew and who didn't?

More thoughts on why the story didn't emerge earlier, from the conservative Weekly Standard, which tends to paint the issue entirely in political colors. (And they may well be right about most of it.)


  1. Replies
    1. Hmm... Covering up for a guy who systematically used his power to coerce women into sex? I'd think all of us should care. Especially when some of these cats are folks who have been pretty preachy liberal types in the past. (like Damon)

    2. Everyone, you dumb fuck.

    3. Gee, Anthony Hoffman, such an incredibly intelligent response. But that notwithstanding, I still ask Why?

      Can you, personally, do anything about his behavior?

      You can be outraged all you want, but in the end, his money will prevail and he will walk away, scot-free.

      And your outrage will have been for naught.

      Better to have spent that anger actually doing something where you can accomplish something, like voting against your Congresspeople if they are not doing what you believe you sent them there for.

      Otherwise, enjoy your vacation, Don Quixote.