Friday, October 06, 2017

More Astros power sinks the Sox

More Astros power sinks the Sox

The Red Sox held Altuve to 2-for-3 with 2 walks. That's progress. Houston's young SS, Carlos Correa, took over the power duties this time. The kid just turned 23 last month and is already a first-tier star. He batted .315 this year, with 24 homers in just 109 games, and a.941 OPS.

Correa is making the league minimum now. I think that may go up just a tad in the open market. He and his agent have already said he will not negotiate an extension, but will play until he's a free agent. (But he said that in spring, when he was ticked off that the 'Stros would not negotiate with him. I suppose that could change.)

As for the series ...

So far, the Sox got nuttin'. Maybe Fenway will be kinder to them.

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