Sunday, October 15, 2017

NCAAF College Football Scores - week 7

NCAAF College Football Scores - week 7

You know that #2 Clemson and #8 Washington State lost.


It was a bad week for the state of Washington. Not only did #8 State suffer a humiliating defeat, but the #5 Washington Huskies joined them, by losing to Arizona State, which came into the game 2-3.

Farther down the list, #10 Auburn suffered its second defeat of the year, losing 27-23 to LSU.

So the top 10 should see some new faces. I suppose Clemson will remain in the lower portion of that group, but as many as three slots will be open. The 11-12-13 teams were not that impressive, and although #14 Oklahoma State was impressive, it was against winless Baylor, so nobody on the fringes of the top ten really staked a powerful claim to join the club.

There were some more upsets farther down the list: #20, #24 and #25 lost, but who really cares about those guys, since those are often honorary positions occupied by teams with good records against inferior competition. Did anybody really think Navy was the 25th best team in the nation? There are probably 13 better teams in the SEC alone. (I'm assuming Navy might beat Vanderbilt. Maybe.) The only one I follow at the bottom of the rankings is high-scoring UCF, which scored 63 despite emptying the bench. (They brought in a freshman QB at the end of the third quarter, and 11 different receivers caught passes.)

RUTGERS WATCH: They won! They beat Illinois 35-24, after losing 16 consecutive conference games. I assume the Illinois coach is now sending out his resumes to fast food chains.

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