Saturday, October 07, 2017

Puerto Rico faces looming Medicaid crisis

Puerto Rico faces looming Medicaid crisis

"A massive influx of Puerto Ricans could also migrate to the mainland, which would put a strain on the Medicaid programs of the states they move to."

Don't get me wrong. I understand that this is tragic. But let's think how it could be viewed as an opportunity. What if liberals in the swing states start finding jobs and homes for those refugees. Unlike other refugees, they are already American citizens and can vote immediately in Federal elections. Quick, you lefties, get Jimmy Carter on the phone and have him start building some homes for these people!

I even know how you can trick Trump into subsidizing the move. "Look, Donald, this island is a tropical paradise and already needs to be completely rebuilt. Think of how great you could rebuild it without any annoying Puerto Ricans in the way. The entire island could be one big Trump resort, with golf courses and hotels covering every acre. You could even resign the Presidency and declare yourself absolute dictator of Puerto Rico for life!"

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