Tuesday, October 31, 2017

White House wants credit for Papadopoulos arrest

White House wants credit for Papadopoulos arrest

Sanders claimed that White House co-operation with the investigation produced the evidence that proved Papadopoulos was lying and led to his arrest.

But get this - nobody bothered to fact-check the date of Papado's arrest before Huckabee-Sanders was handed that script! He was arrested in July and had already begun co-operating before the White House turned over those documents in August!

Furthermore, Sanders claimed that Clovis did not encourage Papado to travel to Russia. “My understanding is there wasn’t encouragement,” Sanders said.

But get this - one of Clovis's e-mails to Papado reads, "I would encourage you … [to] make the trip … if it is feasible." Yup, that's right. He used the exact word Sanders denied, and did so in writing! Sanders, or whoever writes Sanders' prep, never bothered to check that detail!

Man, these people are geniuses!

John Oliver is right. This is "stupid Watergate."

I have to say that I actually feel empathy for anybody who has to be Trump's press secretary. I try to put myself in their shoes. It's pretty damned difficult to keep defending the statements of a boss whose every word seems to be either unresearched bluster or outright deception. Nobody should have to hold that job for more than a month, just to keep their mental health intact.


Sigh. Maybe that empathy is because of painful memories. I once held a fairly high-level job for a large corporation. My responsibilities were business analysis, capital allocation, and strategic planning. The Senior Executive V-P once told me: "Greg, you don't seem to understand your job, so let me explain it. It is not to give me the facts I need to make my decisions. It is to give me the facts I need to defend my decisions." I was suitably chastized and humiliated, but I saluted and started to do just that, because his signature appeared at the bottom of my paycheck, and I rather liked the amount written above that scrawl. He was thrilled from then on, and we got along famously until he died. He was actually a nice guy, but he was my Trump, and I his apologist.


  1. Yeah, I guess I have no empathy. When you take a corporate job, then the job is to serve the company (or the company's bosses). When you take a high-level government job, your job is to serve the country.

  2. There are two other fundamental differences between Trump and your own boss.

    First, he seems to have made decisions that kept his business profitable, if they weren't always optimal per your recommendations.

    Second, he actually paid you.