Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2017 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 11

2017 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 11

These are the official playoff rankings, as done by the committee, side-by-side with the AP poll. (The coaches' poll is a click away.)

And here is the latest computer analysis from Sagarin.

The Wisconsin ranking is probably the #1 controversy. The Badgers are rated:

#9 by Sagarin
#8 by the playoff committee
#6 by the AP
#3 by the coaches

That's a wide spread! #3 would qualify them for the national championship playoff, while #9 might get them $2.00 off their next pizza at Domino's.

Except for that, the top five teams in each poll basically consist of the usual suspects. Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame and Clemson made that group in all four polls, so the only dispute is which team is the fifth member of the top five. The four different sources say: Wisconsin in one (#3 in the coaches's poll), Penn State in one (rated #2 by the computers), and Oklahoma in the other two (fifth in both cases).

The playoff committee is the only one ranking Georgia #1. In the other three sets of rankings, Alabama is #1 by very wide margins: 56-5 in the AP, 64-1 in the coaches' poll, and six full points in the computer rankings. (Six points is a mile. The distance between #1 and #2 is greater than the distance between #2 and #10. According to the computers, if Alabama was at home against Georgia, they would be favored by more than a touchdown.) Alabama and Georgia, although in the same conference, do not meet during the regular season, but will probably meet in the conference championship game. By season's end they will have played three common opponents (Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Auburn), but so far their only common opponent is Vanderbilt, the patsy of the SEC. Alabama won that game 59-0, while Georgia had to settle for a mere 45-14 shellacking.

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