Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 14

2017 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 14

The official CFP rankings differ from the polls only in one major way: the placement of Auburn, which was #4 in the polls, but has been elevated to #2 by the committee. Auburn has two losses, but is ranked above six teams with one loss (or fewer).

Auburn plays one of the toughest schedules in the nation. In addition to their conference games in the more difficult half of the tough SEC, which accounted for one loss, they also took on #1 Clemson in a non-conference game, which accounted for the other.

The top four are Auburn, Clemson, Wisconsin and Oklahoma, but all four of them play this weekend, so that line-up could easily change.


Odd facts: according to ESPN's FPI ratings, the three best teams in the nation are currently out of the playoff structure. (Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State)

Ohio State could still play back in with a victory over undefeated Wisconsin Saturday, although their spot would not be guaranteed even in that circumstance.

Alabama is idle this week, but still clings to hope that the right combination of Saturday's results, especially an Auburn victory coupled with an Oklahoma loss, might allow them through the back door.

Penn State, although ranked third by FPI and fourth by Sagarin, is not playing this week and is locked out of the playoffs.


Aside from Ohio State, Alabama, and the four currently in the top spots, only two other teams seem to have a path to the playoff: Georgia, which should be in with a victory over Auburn, and long-shot Miami, which might sneak in with an upset victory over Clemson, depending on what happens elsewhere.

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