Sunday, November 26, 2017

2017 NCAA College Football Polls for Week 14

2017 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 14

Clemson, the defending national champ, is on top and positioned to repeat. Oklahoma and Wisconsin are #2 and #3, followed by Auburn.

It's a big weekend coming up, with eight of the top ten playing another member of the club, using the AP rankings until the official ones are released. (The opening Vegas line is in parens.)
The Big 10 Championship will pit #3 against #8. (Ohio State by 6). Wisconsin is the higher-ranked and is undefeated, but is the underdog!

The SEC championship will pit #4 against #6. (Auburn by 2.5)

The ACC championship will match #1 and #7. (Clemson by 7.5)

The Big 12 championship will pit #2 against #10. (Oklahoma by 5.5)
The only inactive Top 10 teams will be #5 Alabama and #9 Penn State. Alabama still hopes to sneak into the playoff as a second SEC team, but that would require everything to roll in their favor. Penn State has no path to the playoff.

Elsewhere: these conferences will definitely not make the playoffs this year:
The American conference championship will pit #12 against #16. (UCF by 7.5) UCF could finish undefeated, but their conference is not prestigious enough to vault them into the playoff picture.

The Pac 10 final will match up #11 and #14. (USC by 2.5)

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