Monday, November 06, 2017

A Handy Timeline of the Trump-Russia Scandal

A Handy Timeline of the Trump-Russia Scandal

John Oliver made a very cogent point on his show. It is very possible that Trump himself will not get caught up in the scandal because it appears that he has a perfect defense - he's too stupid to be evil. His defense is - sure Manafort and Flynn are bad dudes, but I didn't know that when I hired them.

This comes under the same general heading as "nobody knew health care was so complicated" (everyone know except Trump). Pretty much everyone, including others in the Trump camp, knew that Flynn and Manafort were bad dudes with close ties to Putin. Manafort spent years in the pocket of the pro-Putin administration in Ukraine, while Flynn literally sat next to Putin at a Russian gala in December of 2015. But Trump was the Sgt. Schultz of his camp. ("I see nottink.") He couldn't have known because, as he has frequently noted, he hires only the best people. As Oliver noted, stupidity is his ultimate "Trump Card."

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