Friday, November 24, 2017

A Russian Journalist Explains How the Kremlin Instructed Him to Cover the 2016 Election

A Russian Journalist Explains How the Kremlin Instructed Him to Cover the 2016 Election


  1. OK, I'm lost. How is it important to the US voter how Trump was portrayed in Russian media? It's not like every voter in the US reads Rossiya.

    As for Russian agents supposedly attempting to influence American voters... well, I must have not been home when they tried to call me.

  2. In this case, there was no attempt at all to sway American voters. This is a completely different strategy. The point was always to portray Trump in the most positive light in Russia itself. This served three purposes:

    (1) It just made Putin feel good, because he felt Clinton was his mortal enemy, the Holmes to his Moriarty, and was responsible for the 2011-2012 protests in Russia, not to mention the overthrow of his puppet in Kiev;

    (2) It was important to Putin that the press not portray the enemy as America, but only specifically Clinton. This softened up the Russian audience for what Putin hoped would be a new friendship with America (under President Trump, if he won).

    (3) Putin's surrogates would inform Trump and his inner circle about how he was loved in Russia. This was a way of extending the hand of friendship, with the ultimate objective being the end of the sanctions. On 9th November, 2016, Russian Parliament even applauded Trump and arranged a champagne party celebrating his victory! This party was broadcast and re-broadcast on state media.

    Once again, Putin was not especially interested in Trump as Trump. He would have felt the same about any Republican with an open mind about ending or reducing the sanctions, or even to Bernie Sanders if it came to that. To him, Trump was simply "not Clinton."

    Don't miss a point that should appeal to you. Putin felt that he failed in his attempt to curry the favor of Trump as an ally. Trump never publicly criticizes Putin, so that's a partial success for Putin since the Obama administration basically portrayed him as a Bond villain, but Trump has not softened the sanctions, and has also engaged in some bombing actions in Syria which enraged Putin.