Tuesday, November 21, 2017

All the times Jared Kushner has failed to tell Congress something important - Vox

All the times Jared Kushner has failed to tell Congress something important

As usual, a potentially important point spoiled by shoddy journalism.

For example: "He’s neglected to mention the Russian technology magnate that owns a stake in a company he co-owns." The article later natters on about that in detail.

That guy (Yuri Milner) and his family live in California. Although born in Moscow, he is a citizen of Israel. He got an MBA from Wharton, is a friend of Mark Zuckerberg and Steven Hawking, and does not like Putin's regime in the least. As a zillionaire venture capitalist, he has, or has had in the past, a stake in pretty much every substantial new tech or app company, including one of Kushner's. I haven't pored over documents in depth, but I think he has always been completely transparent about his sources of financing. Milner seems like a very decent human being, but whether he is or not, Kushner didn't really even know the guy, having met him only once, and he doesn't qualify as a foreign official anyway. So if Kushner failed to mention that guy, it's essentially meaningless.

Adding a point like that serves only to allow deflection by Trump apologists. It's best to concentrate on the fact that Kushner seems to have turned over every piece of irrelevant e-mail or contact info, claiming it to be complete transparency, while conveniently omitting many that seem to have direct bearing on the Russia/Wikileaks investigations. Now THAT may be accidental or coincidental, but it surely seems like a lot of smoke, portending conflagration somewhere.


  1. In other words... 'even the mere implication of impropriety'...

  2. It's Donald';s tax return all over again. When the visible part of someone's persona skews toward douche/weasel, the logical assumption is that they're withholding for douchey, weaselly reasons.

    Difference being, disclosure by Trump would have been voluntary. Jared is replying to Congress.

  3. To quote a famous person, "What difference does it make?" Trump Jr just happened to be an investor in the same company as this (non) Russian guy. Whoopie!