Monday, November 20, 2017

Bill Clinton accused of sexual assault by four women

Bill Clinton accused of sexual assault by four women

Kind of a "dog bites man" story. Call me if you find a woman he has NOT molested.

One interesting tidbit:

"Bill spends a great deal of his time in his penthouse apartment above the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. Hillary occasionally goes to Little Rock, but she refuses to stay in the apartment because she knows that's his love nest."

I got lost on the Clintons, probably because it's old news. Isn't Hillary still saying publicly that she didn't know whether Bill did a lot of playing around? I know she wrote that in one of her books, but I figured it was just so she wouldn't lose feminist cred by staying with a known sleazeball. Of course Dennis Miller turned that around and said that if she didn't know Bill was playing around, she obviously wasn't smart enough to be President.

Mind you, I have nothing against sleazeballs. Glass houses, you know. Bill Clinton's screwing around didn't prevent him from being a good President, while Jimmy Carter's saintly ways didn't help him in the least. I'm not defending Clinton if he really committed sexual assault (as this article sensationally contends without any proof), but if he was just engaged in the usual old consensual hanky-panky, I don't give a hoot.


  1. New allegations against Bill Clinton are suspiciously-timed, in that when Trump's under fire, his go-to strategy is "but what about the Clintons?" I'm not saying accusations are untrue, but if they're in any way tied to henchman Roger Stone, don't swallow them at face value.

  2. We don't need new allegations. Plenty of old ones involving harassment and rape that make Harvey look like a Saint. It's just time to offer him up as a sacrifice to get Hillary to sit down and shut up. She's still doing the on deck thing like she still has a chance to either undo 2016 or get in 2020, when she's the one candidate so shitty she couldn't win against trump one on one. Bill isn't useful for fundraising and his health is fading, making him an easy target to offer up and try to draw attention from the Frankens of the world.

  3. It's not really about B. Clinton, it's about the double standard of his mostly liberal defenders. Of course, they are not the only phonies in politics (look at the religious conservatives defending Roy Moore) but they are certainly more respected in elite circles (Clinton was at the National Book Awards and got a warm reception).

    1. There are signs that's ending. The Atlantic piece, this story, none of which at drawing a single left wing protest.

  4. Dennis Miller was a supporter of George W Bush, so he hardly knows anything about intelligence. Dennis Miller is pretty much an idiot himself, anyway.