Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hawaii sees white-out conditions as snow falls

Hawaii sees white-out conditions as snow falls

It has been t-shirt weather here in Wisconsin. Well, I guess climate change has decreed that it's our turn, Hawaii. Suck it up, you lei-wearin', pig-roastin' flowerheads.

When I lived in Oslo, I pointed out to the locals that they should be doing everything possible to accelerate global warming. Yes, Oslo is a coastal city, but the land rises sharply from the water, so when those oceans rise, the Norsemen wouldn't lose much land and would be positioned to be the Polynesia of the future! They already have a big Kon-Tiki museum, so all they have to do is take down the letters "K-o-n," and they will be ready with the world's largest Tiki hut!

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