Monday, November 13, 2017

Most Americans Would Skip Holiday Gift-Giving

Majority Of Americans Would Skip Holiday Gift-Giving, Survey Says

Well, yeah. Men are 49% of the population, so if just a few renegade women join us, it would be a majority.

I've lucked out on this one. My ex-wife really enjoys shopping and Christmas, and we live about 20 miles apart, so I just give her the amount I would have spent, and she is able to buy twice as many presents or bigger presents for the kids and grandkids. They are "from both of us" or "from Santa."

If it were up to me, it would be the usual guy thing. I'd wait until the day before Christmas, then hop down to 7-Eleven for some Slim Jims in their festive Yuletide packaging.

I'm exaggerating, but not by much.

By the way, do you remember when cigarettes used to come in festive Christmas cartons? Here are a few more. Like Joe Camel would lead the Wise Men to the manger while puffin' on a butt, or Santa would be trying to lose a few pounds by firing up a Chesterfield instead of eating those cookies everyone leaves for him. Pall Mall had a slogan like "This Christmas, don't miss the fun of smoking." Sometimes the cartons would even have a built-in tag with space for a "from __________ to _________ " to be filled in.

In parodies, even baby Jesus could fire up an Old Gold.

We would give each other the gift of death!

They don't still make those holiday cartons, do they? That shit was awesome!

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