Sunday, November 12, 2017

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 11

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 11

Plenty of monkey wrenches in the works this week!

  • #1 Georgia got their asses kicked by Auburn 40-17
  • #2 Alabama needed a fourth quarter rally to top Mississippi State
  • #3 Notre Dame lost badly to Miami. It was an embarrassment. They fell behind 27-0 at halftime en route to a 41-8 shellacking.
  • #6 TCU lost (on the road to #5 Oklahoma, so no real surprise there.)
  • If you think Georgia and Notre Dame were embarrassed the worst this week, you haven't seen the result of the Michigan State game. They came into the game #12 in the nation, but were losing 48-3 after three quarters, when Ohio State emptied the bench.

    On the other side of the ledger:
    • The Wisconsin Badgers totally destroyed Iowa. They allowed the Hawkeyes only 66 yards of offense, and held their QB to a rating of 1. (Well actually 1.3, if you're feeling persnickety.)
    • Undefeated and high-scoring UCF took apart another patsy (U Conn).
    --- The AP and Coaches' polls both moved Miami up to #2 in the nation after the Hurricanes pounded Notre Dame to a pulp. Alabama and Clemson make the top four in both listings, but the two polls differ on the fourth member of the final four. The AP says Oklahoma while the coaches support Wisconsin.

    Sagarin's computer ratings only agree on Alabama and Clemson as sure-fire Four Finalists. His system chooses Penn State and Auburn as the #3 and #4 teams, with Oklahoma and Wisconsin down at #6 and #7, and Miami way down at #9. (Ohio State is in the #5 hole.)
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