Monday, November 13, 2017

NFL Football Scores - week 10

NFL Football Scores - week 10

The 49ers finally found somebody more pathetic than even they are - the lowly Giants. What a battle of the Titans! The Niners are now 1-9, the Giants 1-8.

The Browns, needless to say, lost and dropped to 0-9, but there was hope for them this week. The game was tied at the end of the third!


The 8-1 team (Eagles) had a bye.

The former 6-2 teams (Pats, Steelers, Saints, Rams, Vikings) all moved to 7-2.

The Chiefs had a bye. Four of the three-loss teams (Panthers, Seahawks, Titans, Jaguars) won. The only losers in that group were the Cowboys, who sustained their fourth loss against a solid Falcons team in Atlanta, and the Bills, who all made it to the game on time, which was their highlight of the week, because after that things really went south against the Saints. They allowed six rushing TDs, which gave the Saints the stat line of the week: the top two running backs of the week were both on the same team. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara of the Saints each topped 100 yards against Buffalo, with Kamara pulling it off on a mere 12 carries, and also adding five receptions. Ingram sweetened the pot with three TDs, and Kamara added one of his own. Trey Edmunds also had a rushing TD for NO. Hell, even Drew Brees had a rushing TD. (Oh, that blinding speed!) I'm guessing that the Bills rushing defense may take some extra practice time this week.


In other words, none of the very best teams played each other. Next week is a bit better (line in parens): we have Rams-Vikings (Vikings by two at home), and Titans-Steelers (Steelers by seven at home). There are also two other match-ups of teams with winning records: Eagles-Cowboys in Texas (Eagles by three on the road), and Falcons-Seahawks (Seahawks by three at home).

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