Sunday, November 05, 2017

NFL Football Scores - week 9

NFL Football Scores - week 9

The Eagles continued to be the big story after they curb-stomped the Broncos 51-23. And it wasn't that close. The Eagles just cruised in the fourth quarter after building a 44-9 lead.

The Browns were lucky enough to get a bye, making it their best week of the year.

The 49ers were not as lucky, falling to 0-9 with a home loss, and yielding 159 yards rushing to Adrian Peterson. A.P. carried the ball 37 times, as if he were 22 again. Heck, he never carried the ball that much when he was 22, or any other time that I remember. In fact, I checked the game logs for 2012, when he rushed for 2000+ yards, and he never took the ball that much in one game. That guy is one tough cookie.

The Giants looked even worse than the Niners in a 51-17 home loss which dropped them to 1-9. The stat line of the week belonged to the opposing Rams QB, Jared Goff, who amassed 311 passing yards with only 22 attempts, of which four were TDs. He had neither sacks nor INTs. If only he could play the Giants every week!

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