Friday, November 03, 2017

NYPD says it is building rape case against Harvey Weinstein

NYPD says it is building a rape case against Harvey Weinstein

The accuser is Paz de la Huerta.

There must be some very strong evidence, because the police are not going to follow up on a "he said she said" case from seven years ago. I have to admit, though, that I can't imagine what the proof could be. It seems impossible to produce relevant DNA for a case that old, so the only remaining possibility seems to be the existence one or more witnesses.

"Weinstein has been spotted for the first time since he claimed to have entered rehab in Arizona last month as he grabbed some food with a male friend on Thursday. Weinstein managed to keep a low profile throughout the meal despite the fact that over 100 women have now accused him of sexual harassment and/or assault. That feat was accomplished in large part because of his disguise, with Weinstein wearing a blond wig over his bald head and orange makeup covering his face."

So in order not to appear as a sexual predator, he is disguising himself as Donald Trump? Was he lunching with Billy Bush?

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