Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Houston Astros have won their first World Series

The Houston Astros have won their first World Series

The Dodger bullpen was again impeccable (only allowing two hits in seven and a third), but Darvish was completely ineffective, allowing five runs before being pulled in the second. After staking their pitchers to a 5-0 lead, the Astros relied on Charlie Morton to close the sale. He is normally a starter, but this time he pitched the last four innings and did the job.

Morton has been in the majors ten years without anyone ever really noticing him. Before this year he was 46-71 with a lifetime ERA of 4.54. They say every dog has his day, and this entire year was Charlie Morton's. He finished the season 14-7 and got the win in game seven of the World Fucking Series.

George Springer was the obvious choice for series MVP, which they now call the Willie Mays Award. Springer hit five homers in the fall classic, including long balls in each of the last four games, but that isn't all he did. His eight extra base hits and 29 total bases are all-time records, and the five homers is tied for the all-time best. I like Springer. He's a guy who seems to get better every year. This year he cut his strikeouts WAY down, and improved both his slugging and OBP.

This should not be the last post-season appearance for Houston. The Astros are loaded with young talent, and their youngest guys are their best players. Bregman and Correa are 23; Altuve is 27; Gonzalez and Springer are 28. Those were the top five guys on the team in homers.


  1. I felt for Darvish. He looked about ready to cry after he gave up that two-run dinger.

    1. Almost everyone could picture how they would have felt in his position. We've all been there, albeit on a smaller stage.