Monday, November 20, 2017

The latest sexual predator is ... (spins wheel) ... Charlie Rose?

The latest sexual predator is ... (spins wheel) ... Charlie Rose?

That old fuck-muffin!

"Eight women have accused television host Charlie Rose of multiple unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate behavior."

"Bravo said Rose groped her on multiple occasions and once, during a business trip to Indiana, called her to his hotel room where he emerged from a shower naked."

The ol' shower trick pops up yet again. At least some of these guys are very hygienic predators.


  1. So I am still allowed to enjoy the Charlie Rose show? I'm so conflicted.

  2. No. Not even in reruns. And you can't enjoy any of Kevin Spacey's classic performances. You just have to learn to deny your natural inclinations. It's like being a monk.

  3. LBJ used to hold meetings with his Cabinet and staff through the open door of the bathroom while he sat on the toilet. Does this mean history books will now skip directly from JFK to Nixon?

    1. LBJ was possibly the coarsest, most boorish man ever to hold the office - even including the present occupant and Andrew Jackson, although those three could have a pretty decent competition for the crown. The Big Three. They are like the Nicklaus, Player and Palmer of tastelessness.