Thursday, December 14, 2017

Alabama election exit poll results

Alabama election exit poll results

Depressing fact of the day: Mr. Bad Touch won the white, college-graduate vote by an overwhelming margin, 57-40.


Doug Jones won for only one reason: black voters went to the polls to vote against him. He got 96% of the African-American vote, and they represented 29% of the electorate.

Look at it this way (per 100 votes):

Black (29): Moore 1, Jones 28
White (71): Moore 47, Jones 22, Other 2

(Slightly more than 2% of the the white vote (about 1.7% of the total) went to write-in candidates, especially Gridiron legend Lou Saban. If all of those voters had cast their ballots for Moore, he would have won by the thinnest of margins.)

Based on the black votes, Moore would have needed nearly 70% of the non-blacks to win - and he almost got it! If white Alabamans got to decide the matter, Mr. Bad Touch would have won overwhelmingly (68-32).


  1. Put another way, Alabama is still a pretty good state if you're a child molester.

  2. Thank you, black folks!

    Meanwhile somewhere Bannon, Kobach, and Gingrich are huddling up and getting even seriouser about this voter suppression thing.

  3. I believe Romney would have won 49 states if just white people voted. And McCain would have won easily if the demographics of the country were the same as 1980.