Thursday, December 28, 2017

Beers Americans No Longer Drink

"Beers Americans No Longer Drink"

The headline is inaccurate. We still drink 'em, but less than we used to. Bud Light, for example, is still a powerhouse brand with sales of 34 million barrels per year. It's still #1 in the country and sells more than the next two added together, but that big number still represents a substantial decline from the 39 million barrels of Bud Light sold in 2010.

You probably know that craft beers and/or microbreweries are causing an erosion of sales among the major mass-consumption brands which flourished in the past. Hit the hardest are sub-premiums and light beers, but that's true mostly because the light beers essentially are the mass market today. Six of the top seven sellers are light beers.

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