Monday, December 18, 2017

Does Anybody Know Who Roy Moore’s Jewish Attorney Is?

Does Anybody Know Who Roy Moore’s Jewish Attorney Is?

Here's the math, as delineated in the article:

200,022 people live in Montgomery

70.15% of them have a religious identification (140,315)

Of those 140,315, 0.01% are Jewish (14 people).

So you would think with only 14 Jewish people in the entire city, it would not be difficult to find Moore's lawyer, right? I mean you can pretty much phone them all and ask them.

Turns out it's a Mystery Jew. (Which, if I remember correctly, was also the name of an ill-fated board game sequel to Mystery Date.)


SCOOP'S NOTE: This story would really amuse me if I didn't know better. I think the author's math must be wrong. My best guess is that she meant 0.01, not 0.01%. If I'm right, Montgomery would have 1400 Jewish people, which is completely consistent with this article, which says there were 1200 in 2001. Sigh. I have pointed out many times that aspiring investigative journalists should be required to take lots of courses in math and finance, because those disciplines are so often necessary to understand the complexities of a narrative.

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