Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Having 50 orgasms a day is pure torture

Having 50 orgasms a day is pure torture

But that's the kind of sacrifice Bill Clinton was willing to make for the nation.

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  1. People have a hard time sorting out that there's chemical addiction and mental/emotional addiction.

    You can't get chemically addicted to porn, sex, food, video games, gambling, or just about anything else that isn't a drug.

    You CAN become mentally and emotionally addicted. You become reliant in the natural chemical released when you sate a desire, get a thrill. It's disordered thinking. Eating disorders work the exact same way, you're basically addicted to not eating, or purging.

    It's all compulsive/obsessive thinking. It can be treated clinically. If can be treated via self help just like any "bad habit" that gets out of control.

    But sex "addicts" like to behave as if it's like drugs or booze. It just really isn't.

    And many addiction specialists who work with chemical addiction like to say it isn't addiction at all. It is.