Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Worst Films of 2017

Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Worst Films of 2017

Their worst is a 9/11 exploitation film with an IMDb rating of 3.9, starring Charlie Sheen. Cut me a slice of that! It is written and directed by the same guy who created the much-maligned Raging Bull sequel, not to mention such classics as Beneath the Darkness (4% at RT, 4.5 at IMDb), and that unforgettable cinema masterpiece, National Lampoon's Cattle Call (3.8 at IMDb).

Other choices for the year's worst:

Variety, with two critics, picked two worst films: Nocturama and Trespass Against Us. The latter gives Michael Fassbender a twin killing this year, because The Snowman also made most of these lists. (I gave The Snowman about four minutes before shutting it off. Because life is short.)

IMDb. Their members voted one film even below 9/11: The Emoji Movie.

The AV Club included most of the usual suspects like The Snowman, The Book of Henry, 9/11, and The Emoji Movie, but their very worst was The Last Face, "Sean Penn’s excruciating romance about international aid workers, African civil wars, and 'the brutality of an impossible love… shared by a man… and a woman.'"

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the worst movie of the year is Just Getting Started, a Hollywood formula mismatched-buddy thing starring Morgan Freeman and that delightful cut-up, Tommy lee Jones.

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  1. The suction of that Snowman movie is a damn shame because Jo Nesbo, who did the novel, is one of the best living writers.

    For a better gateway to his stuff - Snowman, the book or Headhunters. Or if you don't read, they simplified down the plot of Headhunters and made it into a Norwegian movie. So subtitles, but you're safe from paper-cuts.