Sunday, December 31, 2017

NCAAF College Football Scores - the also-ran bowls

NCAAF College Football Scores - the also-ran bowls

It was a good day for the Big Ten. Neither Ohio State nor Wisconsin made the playoff, as they took the #5 and #6 slots in a four-team race, but they showed what they could do by beating #8 Miami and #10 USC. They didn't really dominate the games, but they scored the most points, and that's what matters. The other powerhouse in the conference, Penn State (#9), also won. They defeated #11 Washington State.

The other Top Twelve teams to miss the playoff are #7 Auburn and undefeated #12 UCF, which play each other Monday. I'm curious to see whether unheralded UCF can run with the bulls! Auburn is favored by a jillion (actually 9.5).

I'm sure you already know that the playoff games are on Monday as well: Georgia/Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl at 5 Eastern, and Alabama/Clemson in the Sugar Bowl at 8:45. Georgia and Alabama are favorites, but not by much. There is a high over/under (60.5) in the Georgia/Oklahoma game, which is unsurprising given the fact that Oklahoma has a tremendous offense and a sub-par defense.

Speaking of over/unders, I hope you had the over in the Belk Bowl. (The Belk Bowl? WTF? When is Willert Products going to sponsor the Ty-D Bowl? Where is the Campbell Soup Bowl?) At any rate, Wake Forest upset Texas A&M in that game, 55-52. Each team exceeded 600 yards from scrimmage, and each added about 200 more on kick returns.

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