Sunday, December 03, 2017

NFL Football Scores - Week 13

NFL Football Scores - Week 13

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The Browns dropped to 0-12, but the Niners won a game (which shows you how far the Bears have fallen). That win raises the Niners from the NFC cellar, replaced by the hapless Giants, whose change of QBs availed them not.


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It's a real race among the good teams, and nobody is currently at the head of the pack. The Eagles dropped to 10-2, so there are now four teams tied with two losses each. The Patriots and Vikings each went to 10-2, while the Steelers are 9-2 and play Monday night. The Saints and Rams stayed right on the heels of that group by moving up to 9-3, while four other teams are 8-4.

The Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders are all mediocre at 6-6, but one of them has to make the post-season because one of them will win the division, even if nobody has a winning record. (If the season were over now, it would be the Chiefs, based upon the tie-breakers.)

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  1. 49ers blew it, but Cleveland Browns are still going for the perfect season.