Monday, December 04, 2017

Paul Manafort is a real piece of work

I'm starting to think this Manafort guy might be quite a scoundrel.

You probably know that he has been trying to negotiate a bail arrangement to free himself from house arrest.

Now if I were the judge I would never consider such a thing because Manafort is known to have multiple passports and phones as well as secret foreign bank accounts, so I'd consider him a flight risk even if he pledged every penny and passport he was known to possess. He undoubtedly possesses many more not known. My guess: he'd end up in the Seychelles within 24 hours. (For a nice bribe ... er ... I mean citizenship fee ... that island nation will welcome a new citizen and protect them from extradition. And Manafort is already known to have used their banks.)

But that's not today's issue. Get this. While he has been held on house arrest and under a gag order, he has been writing an editorial about Ukraine under an assumed name. (Tommy Flanagan?) "The editorial clearly was undertaken to influence the public’s opinion of defendant Manafort."

"I, Tommy Flanagan, a person who is definitely not Paul Manafort, feel that Paul is the greatest single force for peace and goodness in the world today, possibly excepting his wife, Morgan Fairchild."

What's more, he had a co-author - a Russian intelligence agent!

Accused of working with Russia? "Not guilty, your honor!"

Good thing Trump hires only the best people. I'd hate to see what the sucky ones would do.

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