Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Pheobe Cates stark naked in Paradise

.gif - Pheobe Cates stark naked at 18 or 19 in Paradise

I know full well that the 70s and 90s were the most important decades in the development of the modern film industry. The 70s were the era of the auteur, and the 90s were when the indies made their mark.

And yet ... I miss the 80s, when things were so uncomplicated: Cusack, Broderick, Cruise, Curtis Armstrong and youthploitation films; Body Heat and the erotic thrillers; The Right Stuff; A Christmas Story; Raiders; Ghostbusters; Blade Runner; Fast Times; Die Hard; The Princess Bride; Top Gun; Beverly Hills Cop; Airplane!; The Blues Brothers. I guess I'm a simple man. They are all movies I actually enjoyed and would watch again right now if they came up on cable.


  1. How are The Right Stuff, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Princess Bride not masterpieces? The Right Stuff is one of the great American films; Raiders is among the greatest films of arguably the greatest director who ever lived; and The Princess Bride takes a script of staggering wit and imagination and somehow balances the tonal shifts between cartoonish humor, dry wit, swashbuckling action, and sweeping romance. They're not as serious-minded or grim as Once Upon a Time In America or Raging Bull or Vagabond or what have you, maybe they don't dig as far into the depths the human soul, but I don't think that makes them any less masterful as artistic expressions of cinema. (and they're way more fun)

    Then again, I genuinely think the Academy should have given Best Picture of 1988 to Die Hard (wonderful as Rain Man is), so maybe my tastes just aren't sophistimicated enough.

  2. I'm pretty sure she was 17 when this was filmed. This shower scene has been a go-to of mine for 20 years.