Thursday, December 28, 2017

Trump falsely claims he broke a legislative record

Trump claims he broke a legislative record

That's true. He did break a record.

But in the opposite direction from his claim.

He claimed on Wednesday "we have signed more legislation than anybody." In reality, he broke a record by signing the FEWEST bills in modern history at this point in his Presidency.

He pretty much lives on Opposite Day, or maybe in Bizarro World. Oh, well. Most-least ... what's the difference? It's still a record. Break out the champagne!

If he thought about it enough (absurd as that "if" clause would sound if you said it aloud), he probably SHOULD claim to play more golf and sign fewer laws. After all, he's the one who says government is too big, and he's the guy who says he will change the rules. So in order to keep government small and unintrusive, the fewer laws, the better. That's why he stays away from DC because you can't sign any of those pesky, rights-denying laws on the golf course.

He's draining the swamp, as promised.

In fact, that's why he spends the most time in Florida. They have the most swamps!

And they need to be drained before you can build golf courses on that land.

Hey, I should be his press secretary. I think I can not only rationalize anything he does, but move far beyond that to show how everything he does is sheer genius.

(NOTE: Kidding aside, he actually had signed the most bills into law through his 100th day, but that was a long time ago. He has steadily fallen from first to last!)


  1. Gent, do you think Trump has "signed more legislation than anybody", as he said on Wednesday?

  2. Well, fwald, since you assume I am going to comment here, I will. My New Years Resolution is to stop commenting on politics. I am going back to looking at what Scoop does best - naked or near naked pictures of celebrity women.

    Have a really great life!