Friday, December 01, 2017

Trump retweeted racist, incorrectly labeled videos to 'elevate the conversation'

White House: Trump retweeted a hate group's racist, incorrectly labeled videos to 'elevate the conversation'

Before Trump came along, it is difficult to recall the last time a British Prime Minister issued a stern public rebuke to an American President.


  1. I dunno if Robert Jenkinson, Lord Liverpool gave a verbal condemnation of James Madison at any point, but having British troops burn the White House might be considered a bit of a stern rebuke.

    The next closest thing would probably be the Civil War's Trent Affair, but while it's clear that Barney Gumble's beloved Lord Palmerston made a public condemnation of the US Navy's arrest of a couple of alleged rebel diplomats, I'm drawing a blank on finding any official statement on the matter made by Palmerston, or whether such a statement mentioned Lincoln in particular.

    1. So it has been a few years.

      I think we can probably understand Madison's time, given the two nations were at war. I think we can also call England's decision to send a massive armada and 15,000 soldiers to attack the city of New Orleans another "stern rebuke."

      And one they really, really came to regret.

      (Especially since the battle occurred after the diplomats had agreed on the terms of the Treaty of Ghent. In our world of instantaneous information, it is difficult to conceive of a massive battle taking place because news of a negotiated settlement had not yet reached the military commanders.)