Friday, January 05, 2018

487 Scripted Series Aired in 2017,

487 Scripted Series Aired in 2017

Basic Cable: 175
Broadcast: 153
Pay Cable: 42
Online services: 117

Overall, the number of scripted original series increased from 389 to 487 in just three years. That's 98 additional shows. That sounds like a big upswing, but it's important to realize that just about all of that increase came from one segment. 84 of the 98 came from online services like Netflix, while the other three segments have basically plateaued.

* Pay Cable had a fairly big percentage increase, but that's just because the raw numbers are small. They went from 34 shows to 42.

* Basic cable had an immense increase from 2002 to 2014, but is now just holding steady.

* The broadcast segment is also holding steady during the most recent three years.


  1. It is a big increase in shows. Obviously what is and isn't a bad show is somewhat subjective, but people said when there were just three networks that 'the reason there are so many bad shows is because there just aren't enough good writers.'

  2. Truly a golden age of media. I think we might see this as a high water mark as even those who are massive media consumers can't keep up anymore.

    1. This is why you need to just stick to watching the nude scenes. :)