Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Florida dropped from offshore oil drilling plan after Republican governor intervenes - NBC News

Florida dropped from offshore oil drilling plan after Republican governor intervenes

This is, of course, preposterous. I can't state the case any more precisely and succinctly than Congressman Ted Lieu of California:

"Taking Florida off the table for offshore drilling but not California violates the legal standard of arbitrary and capricious agency action. California and other coastal states also rely on our beautiful coasts for tourism and our economy. Rationale by Secretary Zinke that the Florida Governor can be 'trusted' does not justify discriminatory agency action in favor of Florida over other states. No evidence other Governors can't be trusted. I am thankful that Zinke put his arbitrary and capricious views in writing."

Yeah. Zinke really came up with a whopper on this one. He basically said, in only slightly different words, "I have made a corrupt decision and I stand by it because the Governor of Florida is my bud!" - and he was so dumb he put it in writing!

(He played a lot of high-level football, and he's now 56, so ... )

Zinke was a navy seal, a highly respected naval officer, and an excellent football player. Those activities are commendable, but are not exactly qualifications to head the Department of the Interior. He's yet another one of those Trump appointments that must have been preceded by "you know who would be hilarious?" He was named the Secretary of the Interior after scoring a whopping 4% on environmental issues while in the House. The first day he was in office he rescinded the ban on lead bullets and fishing tackle in national wildlife refuges because ... fuck those plants and animals who die from lead contamination. If they are too weak to survive lead, they don't deserve to survive as a species.

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  1. Zinke is also the stupid fuck who was outed as a fly fishing poseur, which is about the worst thing you can be in Montana.