Monday, January 29, 2018

Former EPA employees sat around a campfire to tell scary stories about Trump's EPA

Former EPA employees sat around a campfire to tell scary stories about Trump's EPA

It dawned me last night that all of Trump's appointments make sense if you make one assumption. I'm not saying that assumption is true, but ...

Let's assume that Vladimir Putin wanted to destroy the American government, so he threw all of Russia's efforts into electing a Manchurian Candidate, a president who, once elected, would systematically dismantle that government.

He would appoint as Secretary of Energy somebody who has declared that the agency should be abolished. He would appoint as director of HUD a do-nothing with no administrative ability. He would appoint a radio host as head scientist at the Department of Agriculture. He would destroy America's role as a mediator in the Middle East by taking an action which would drive one side from the bargaining table. The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would be a guy who was taking campaign donations from a company being pursued as a fraudster by that very agency, a guy who called his own department a "sick sad joke," a guy who requested a zero budget allotment for his agency. The President would fire the head of the FBI for declaring that loyalty to America is more important than loyalty to the White House. The head of the EPA would be someone who denies environmental science. The head of the Department of Education would be someone who seems to want to systematically destroy the public school system. The Secretary of the Interior would work toward dismantling the Federal protection of land for public use.

I could keep going, but let's move on.

Even the Trump appointments that seemed to make pretty good sense have resulted in the dismantling of their departments. Tillerson ran a company bigger than most countries, and one that requires diplomacy to operate worldwide, so his appointment seemed logical. But State is falling apart faster than most departments, as more and more career diplomats are calling it quits and Tillerson has declared a hiring freeze. "He has convinced the staff that he is basically out to destroy the department — leading many to simply quit."

Now I'm not saying that Trump is really taking his marching orders from Putin (or someone else) as part of a master plan to destroy the American government. I don't believe that. Leave that kind of thinking to The Daily Kos. In fact, maybe some of those departments should be dismantled, meaning that Trump is doing America a service by doing so. I don't know.

But I am saying that IF you hypothetically make that assumption, everything Trump has done makes complete sense.

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  1. This is fairly SOP, at least for Republicans. If they think a function shouldn't be done at all or is better handled by the church or the private sector, they'll either appoint a tard (heckuvajob Brownie) or someone who will actively work to fuck it up (remember James "trees pollute" Watt?).

    I used to work with a guy who had once thought "historian" was a viable career path. He said they used to not even try to hide it. I have no citations, but my trick knee says look in the Harding/Hoover/Coolidge years.