Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Heidi Klum's Nipples for Harpers Bazaar

Heidi Klum's Nipples for Harpers Bazaar

"Heidi Klum pulled out her tits in some Fashion Magazine for what we can assume is feminism, or disguised as feminism, because why else would a woman in her 50s be showing other women in a women’s magazine her tits, other than to say 'pull out your tits; it is empowering.'”


I know he's just kidding around, but for the record, Heidi is only 44, and I'd say a fairly young 44 at that. Note that in this picture from October, she has not gone full raccoon around her eyes, which most women in the public eye are doing by her age. I can't say whether that's natural or surgical, but it's impressive.

Having made that case, I still agree with his point. Nevertheless, if she wants to pull out a breast or two, I will be there looking.

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