Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Ivanka Trump’s Oprah Winfrey Tweet Is A Nauseating Display Of White Feminism"

"Ivanka Trump’s Oprah Winfrey Tweet Is A Nauseating Display Of White Feminism"

Oh, for fucks sake. Do we really have to pick the bones of people who agree with us for the wrong reasons, or out of condescension? We have enough problems with the people who hold ugly, indefensible positions based on ignorance and prejudice. Ivanka at least supported Oprah's sentiments. Give the woman a little breathing room and be grateful for small victories. You can't expect her to suddenly be transformed into a combination of Marilyn vos Savant and Nelson Mandela.

Same thing with Reese Witherspoon. Her heart was in the right place, even if her tongue was up Oprah's ass.

By the way: "Oprah would beat Trump by 10 points in a presidential match-up new poll shows - robbing him of the majority of the white vote."

Yeah, about that. Wasn't Hillary supposed to beat him by about 15 points at one time? And yet I notice he's sitting in the Oval Office, eating a cheeseburger and watching Fox and Friends, and she's out wandering aimlessly in the woods.

I'm kind of with Seth MacFarlane and Howard Stern on this Oprah/Trump issue. Do we really want a country in which one's knowledge of geopolitics and economics is irrelevant and the only thing we vote for is our favorite celebrity? What's up in 2024? Beyonce and Timberlake running against The Rock and Drew Carey? I would rather we make less of an effort to turn Idiocracy into a documentary.


  1. Good comment, but you've strangely overlooked the only already announced candidate for President in 2020: Kanye West. Of course most people, well most men, will be voting on the basis of First Lady-to-be Kim Kardashian, if West actually gets nominated by some party or runs as an independent. Beyonce? She needs to wait her time until after Kim has restyled the White House.

    1. I forgot about Kanye. He's like Trump's image in a fun house mirror.

  2. When it is so clearly disengenuouse, yeah.