Friday, January 12, 2018

Maitland Ward's latest Instagram hijinks

Maitland Ward's latest Instagram high jinks

More than 50 years after graduation, I remain the only student in the history of my high school ever to receive a detention for "low jinks," although my friend Shatzel once got one for just plain unmodified "jinks."


"Low jinks" isn't a thing, but "jinks" is. Note this, from the etymology section of the OED entry for "jink":

"1851 Dixon W. Penn iii. (1872) 25 The Navy Gardens were a scene for romps and jinks."

Here is one of the actual definitions of "high jinks":

"A name given to various frolics formerly indulged in at drinking parties. They mostly consisted in deciding by the throw of dice who should perform some ludicrous task for the amusement of the company, or who should empty a large bowl of liquor, failure in either case entailing a forfeit."

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