Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Missouri named one of the top 10 places to avoid in 2018, according to world’s largest travel guide magazine

Missouri named one of the top 10 places to avoid in 2018, according to world’s largest travel guide magazine

"Other destinations on the list include countries like Honduras, Myanmar and Cuba, which the magazine cites as riddled with crime, humanitarian violations and corrupt governments, among other reasons."

They don't tell you to avoid Uganda or Syria, but warn you away from Missouri? That's just fucked-up.

It does remind me of something. When I worked for a major American retailer in the distant past, all employees at a certain level were asked to read the corporate code of conduct, then sign a paper saying we had read it, understood it, and would comply. It was mostly boilerplate stuff, but the most interesting section involved bribery. In a nutshell, it said (1) you may not offer a bribe to any public official, but (2) in portions of the world where that seems necessary because bribery is an essential and standard component of doing business, you must report your situation to the head of the legal department. The code then offered some examples of places where that might be true: Nigeria, The Soviet Union, Cambodia ... and Chicago!


  1. I was born and raised there. Loved there till my late 20s.

    I left for a reason.

  2. I don't care for stuff like this. Except for war riven countries or countries with no de facto government, it's usually just parts of a few cities in a state or country that are a problem. Even most of Chicago is as safe as anywhere in the United States.

    For an equivalent, it would be like a travel magazine saying 'don't visit British Columbia because of the Vancouver Downtown East side.'

    Not to be a travel promoter for Vancouver but some of the most expensive properties in Vancouver (and probably all of the world) are only a couple blocks from the Downtown East Side. (Due to gentrification.)

    I also don't want to leave the impression that the Downtown East Side is dangerous, which is largely a stereotype. There are a lot of people with mental health problems who live there largely due to the mild Vancouver climate and the amount of services available for them, but the vast majority of people with mental health problems are not violent or problems to anybody else in any way.

    1. I spend lots of time in Chicago and have never felt endangered. It's safe for tourists. The touristy sections of town are not where the murders are being committed.

      (But the bribery thing is quite real.)

      As for Missouri, gimme a break. It's not even one of the worst places in the USA to visit, no matter what objective criteria you employ. Even its large cities are OK. That article was obviously put together by somebody with a personal axe to grind against Missouri.