Friday, January 05, 2018

The 15 Wildest Claims From Fire and Fury

The 15 Wildest Claims From Fire and Fury

Steve Bannon called Ivanka Trump “a fucking liar” about her Russian ties, in front of her father. When Ivanka complained, the president responded: “I told you this is a tough town, baby.”

Donald Trump privately called Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates “such a cunt.” He added that “Yates is only famous because of me.”

Trump, who is very fond of his personal publicist Hope Hicks, told her that she was “the best piece of tail [Lewandowski]’ll ever have.” This prompted Hicks to run out of the room.

Donald Trump eats McDonald’s because he’s pathologically afraid of being poisoned.

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  1. I eat poison out of a pathological fear of eating McDonalds