Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump, condemned for ‘shithole’ countries remark, denies comment but acknowledges ‘tough’ language

Trump, condemned for ‘shithole’ countries remark, denies comment but acknowledges ‘tough’ language

Pretty much everyone was on the wrong side of this story.

  • The liberals are wrong because those countries in question generally are shitholes. That's obvious. Why do you think all those people want to leave?
  • Trump is wrong because he can't use the kind of diplomacy necessary to be a world leader, and because he shows no signs of human decency or compassion.
  • Both Trump and the liberals don't seem to understand the entire concept of immigration. In general, mass emigrations come out of countries that are either shitholes or governed badly. That's why the perfectly normal people living there want to move to Canada or some other country where sewers and indoor plumbing are universal, and you can usually walk down the street safely.

If The Donald wants immigrants from Norway, he might want to ask himself why anyone from Norway or Sweden would want to live in the USA. You know it would not be for warmth because when they do come, they always end up in someplace like Minnesota that's just as frozen as Norway. It's not for the social conditions, or for public safety, both of which are better in Scandinavia. People want to move INTO Scandinavia, not out. Hell, I am an American and love it here, but even I thought long and hard about coming back to the USA after living in Norway.

Other than for love, I can only think of one instance where somebody would want to leave Norway for the USA: if you are a doctor with a set of skills that are in high demand, you can live the life of a Russian Czar in the USA, and you're just kind of a comfortably above-average citizen in Norway.

The point is, of course, that people leave their native land for a better life. The less you like life in your native land, the more you want to leave and go somewhere else. So, yeah, Trump. You are right that the people who most want to come to the USA are those that live in the worst shitholes, or places riddled with violence, or both. That's the way immigration works. That's the way it has always worked.

But that's not a bad thing.

Before I worked in strategic planning and overseas consulting, I ran large numbers of small retail outlets. At one time, on my way up, I had 10 convenience stores in Florida, and employed 52 (legal) immigrants out of 53 employees. Without them, I would not have been able to keep the doors open. With them, I had an operation that allowed me to get rewarded and promoted again and again. Do you think those people were taking work that Americans wanted? Hell no. Americans were not fighting for the chance to sell Twinkies. The immigrants, on the other hand, are so grateful to be here, free from shitholes or political turmoil, that they relish working those kinds of jobs that most Americans don't want.

So, Trump, do you think Norwegians want to come here so they can wait tables and water the fairways at Mar-a-Lago? Slim chance. Even if they did, they wouldn't give a crap if you fired them, so they might even be lackadaisical employees. But people from Salvador or Haiti will wait in line for those jobs and will try to do them perfectly so they can hold on to them and try to build a normal life here for the comfort and safety of themselves and their families.

So, Trump, welcome the people from shitholes. Even literal ones. The shittier their countries, the more they will appreciate America, just as my grandparents and great grandparents did when Poland was a shithole. Just as your grandfather Frederick Trump did when Bavaria was a shithole and he was happy to be cutting the hair of prosperous New Yorkers.

And liberals, don't act holier-than-Trump and pretend those places are not shitholes. You just destroy your credibility. Of course they are. That's why everyone wants to leave them. Is Trump a racist? Yeah, probably. But does that change the fact that those places are shitholes? Not in the least.


  1. The problem with Trump's comment as quoted is that he is possibly acting on his racism. After calling Haiti and the others 'shithole' countries, he said the Haitians in the United States should leave (he also tied in El Salvador and the El Salvadorans) with this.

    In both cases, the refugee status of the Haitians and the El Salvadorans are being lifted. If it can be argued that this status is being lifted not due to any change in Haiti or El Salvador (and if they're both still 'shithole' countries...) that would remove these two nations from being on the list of countries from which their citizens can (under certain circumstances) claim refugee status, but that Trump personally got the status changed due to his racism, then there is a likely case against the Administration.

    I haven't looked into this personally, but I think it's more than likely there are lawyers looking into this right now. This really isn't different from Trump's comments on the Muslims and the Muslim majority countries where Trump's campaign speeches were used (sometimes successfully) by lawyers to argue against the travel bans.

  2. Also, acting on racist sentiment is certainly grounds for impeachment, conviction and removal from office.