Wednesday, January 03, 2018

White House denies Donald Trump Jr. committed treason

White House denies Donald Trump Jr. committed treason

1. As I've pointed out, it is almost impossible to commit treason in peacetime because the Constitution defines treason so narrowly. Julius Rosenberg was not charged with treason, and he was an American who tried to give the atomic bomb to Joseph Stalin which, as much as I hate to admit it, was somewhat worse than Donny Junior's having taken a meeting with some shady Russians.

2. Is it possible for somebody to be too stupid to break election laws? Junior actually admitted to taking that meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from foreigners, and in so doing he seems to have either broken this law or conspired to do so. Out of everything which has emerged so far in the various investigations, this seems to have been the one clear case of an illegal act by the Trump campaign. While Junior may well be indicted for this, he will never be tried. Since Trump Jr broke a federal law, he comes under the umbrella of his father's pardoning power, which is unlimited, cannot be reviewed or overturned, and can be issued before, during, or after the legal process. In fact, Trump could pardon his son NOW if he wanted to, although he would not be likely to do so, since that would be tantamount to admitting there was a crime.

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  1. Yes, treason's unlikely here, and way too difficult to prove. The more obvious legal jeopardy that Trump Jr faces here is concealing a felony, which he has admitted to several times in regard to the June, 2016 meeting with the Russians. According to Trump Jr, the promised 'incriminating' evidence relating to Hillary Clinton and to the DNC actually WAS delivered to Trump Jr, both orally and through documentary evidence passed to him. And what did Trump Jr and Kushner and the other Einsteins at the meeting do with it? Nothing. They had evidence that foreign-source funds had been given to the Clinton campaign and to the DNC, clear felonies, and they did nothing with that evidence. These are truly simply felonies to prove. Even soliciting foreign-source funds (or 'items of value') is a felony. So why didn't the Trump campaign tell the FBI that Russians had passed funds to the Dems? I can only think of one reason: because they must have been involved in dodgy foreign-sourced money transfers themselves and didn't want to draw attention to it.