Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nathalie Emmanuel's first great nude scene in GoT s4e8

Nathalie Emmanuel's first great nude scene in GoT, s4e8

Voted by our readers as #3 among the Best Nude Scenes of 2014.

She would have been #1 in typical years, but 2014 was not typical. She ran up against perhaps the two most popular nude scenes of this decade: ScarJo stark naked in Under the Skin and La Daddario stark naked in the first season of True Detective. (Possible apologies to Rosario Dawson and maybe Sarah Silverman, who both have a potential claim on that "Best of the Decade" award.) 2014 was by far the best year of this decade for nude scenes. Any of the top seven scenes that year probably could have been #1 in any of the three most recent years.

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